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  • Artist: Susie Stinson

  • About six years ago I started playing with wire and jump rings.  I went to a rock show in my home town and saw a lady doing the intricate wire weaving.  I WAS HOOKED!
  • I have been working with the stones and wire ever since.  I pick my stones carefully.  They actually do speak to you if you listen.  Then I begin the wrapping.  Most of the time it is very freelance.  I usually have a small idea of what it will look like, but sometimes the design seems to take on a life of its own. Often its nothing like I pictured, but I am usually  pleased. 
  • I like to call my pieces "compliment magnets."  From what I have heard from my clients, they live up to their name.  The best part for me, other than the creating, if finding a home for my pieces.  It is the best compliment then you choose one of my pieces and proudly wear.  All pendants come with an 18" leather necklace.
  • Look and Enjoy.  I hope to fill your life with compliments, and Thank you for Visiting.
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